A native Michigander, Banjo first discovered glass as an art school dropout at a rainbow gathering in 1997. While he initially honed his technical skills through the underground pipemaking craft tradition, it would still take years of exploring the medium before the seeds of his current expressions would begin to take root. He credits his experiences as a father and seeker living and working in the mist-covered coastal mountains of the Pacific Northwest as providing the perfect container for his creative ideas to emerge and unfold.

Banjo’s painstakingly intricate depictions of biomechanical deities honor the re-emergence of sacred feminine energy within the techno-industrial framework of todays challenged World. His inter-dimensional spirit-goddesses sit comfortably empowered amid the Pistons and gears, the nuts and bolts of the machines that they are inextricably entwined with. A father of six, banjo puts faith in a future that allows our technological and spiritual abilities to exist in harmony for the benefit of our species’ evolution, as well as for the good of all future generations of life on earth. His work emerges from the relentless exploration of a new mythos that is still unfolding within himself as well as in his family, community, and society at large.